A Few Days in Oaxaca

We were to take the overnight bus from Oaxaca de Juarez (Oaxaca City) to Puerto Escondido on the coast for some relaxing times. I’m obviously unaware of most the logistics of such a trip, as I don’t live in Oaxaca. I could look it up on some tourist website, but I figured going with aContinue reading “A Few Days in Oaxaca”

A Horse, A Stomach, A Mezcal

The following contains endorsements pertaining to literacy and alcohol consumption.  In front of me was a glass of mezcal and a woman named Sandra rapidly explaining in Spanish everything about what I was drinking. I caught the word horse in there. Is there horse in this? Stomach? This is from horse stomach? NO.

Labyrinth of Latinos

Mexico, D.F. – I’ve read that one pedestrian dies every day in Mexico City. It’s not surprising if you’ve ever tried to cross the street here. It’s rare that there are signs indicating when to cross. One must watch the traffic lights and pay attention to the flow of traffic.  The former is fairly simple. GreenContinue reading “Labyrinth of Latinos”

American Men Don’t Kiss American Men, but American Men Kiss American Men

You don’t shake hands with a woman in Mexico. It’s strange. To them, I mean. My generous couchsuring host invited a friend over and when she came in I put out my hand and introduced myself and said ‘nice to meet you’. As you do. No, you don’t. Later, I was told (reminded) that inContinue reading “American Men Don’t Kiss American Men, but American Men Kiss American Men”